Vegetable PiEatza

Fish Patty

Kale Salad

Veggie Slaw

​Sprouted Black Rice

His tradition meals stem from family recipes perfected over generations that he now can proudly serve to you.

We Cater To Your Needs

Seasonal Produce

Strawberry Chessecake

Let us cater to your nutritional needs...

Nothing brings people together like good food and Chef RawVenture has a knack for combining delicious and nutritious together to create a delicious and nutritious meal for people to enjoy. 
So at your next gathering whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, a business meeting, cocktail party, birthday celebration, a shower; what ever the special occasion, he will make your gathering unforgettable.


Contact Windows of Wellness to add a non-traditional healthy live food meal to your next gathering. 
Your taste buds and your guest will thank you

By using only the freshest ingredients,Chef RawVenture creates taste that are sure to delight the senses. 

Quality Ingredients

RawVenture Cuisines

Authentic Tastes

Zucchini Pasta

A native of Saint Mary, Jamaica; Wilfred Campbell was blessed to learn the fundamental properties of natural herbs, fresh fruits & vegetables and meats. Having family members who cooked what is well known as “Ital Foods” allowed him to attain the skills for making exotic & delicious meals. Upon moving to the United States as a teenager, Wilfred stayed in the kitchen with family & friends who all became mentors, nurturing his craft. As he grew older Wilfred had the opportunity to work in many restaurants and has cooked a variety of Caribbean and American meals.

Upon  changing his diet to better his health, he stumbled across into the raw food lifestyle and the adventure began as he learned all the tricks of the trade from his raw food teachers "Chef RawStar" & "Chef Aris Latham"; then "Chef Wilfred RawVenture" was born.
Today Chef RawVenture re-educates and demonstrates how simple it can be to incorporate healthy delicious raw meals into your life. He strongly believes that eating healthy food is a right, not a privilege and by making information available to the public through education, he trusts that people will start incorporating a living-foods lifestyle in to their own lives.

Windows of  Wellnes​s

His meals are packed full of nutritional foods. He  creates every dish from scratch, using seasonal, local ingredients. 

"Chef RawVenture"

BBQ Nutmeat

Curry Plantains

3 Sea Jackfruit Salad

Kush Kush Supreme

​Cauliflower Avocado Salad

Berry Blast Cheesecake

BBQ Nutmeat

Cauliflower Avocado Salad

Wild Curry Rice

​Stuffed Tomato

Rawsome Veggie Pie

Breakfast Fruit Crepe

Raw Veggie Sandwich

Homemade Recipe

Beet Nutmeat

Sweet Plantains

Herb Avocado

Mixed Green Salad

Cous Cous

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Where Healing Starts Within

Incorporating plant based whole foods into your daily eating regimen enables your body to become strong and healthy. Once you are properly nourished and your internal body becomes healthier,

you can begin to live a more vibrant, full life.

With his unique twist on the standard American cuisine using various herbs, you're sure to find a dish that you'll love. 

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