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The Wellness Mission is coming to an event near you!

Windows of Wellness mission is to provide healing, education and inspiration to the community. 


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Windows of  Wellnes​s


CLEANSE YOUR MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & HOME ****************************** SUNDAY, APRIL 29TH, 2018 – 3PM-6PM
Tis the season to get cleaning! Out with the old and start fresh with a new sense of well-being, for yourself and all around you. During this Spring Season, learn how to align yourself with the universe and release what no longer serves your highest good. In order to restore your overall health - You Have To Start Cleansing All Aspects Of You! 
                                                     Lecture & Workshop • This class is designed to show you simple ways to bring balance to your mind                                                           body and spirit • DIY cleansing formulas w/ take home • Raw food refreshments made by Chef                                                                   'Wilfred' RawVenture​​Serious About Living Lectures & Workshops are designed to re-educate people

                                                      on various ways to restore their own health. 

                                                     All events include handouts, take home remedies & refreshments by our Raw Food Alchemist "Chef                                                           Wilfred RawVenture”.​Lecture/Workshop/Meal-$50 * MUST RSVP via PAYPAL link on website, Seats are                                                       limited 


Sunday, June 10th, 2018 - 3pm - 7pm

Having a Raw and Vegan Food Potluck is a great way to introduce people to healthy food. 
Our goal is to re-educate people of the myths of eating vegan and raw foods. Our mission is to re-inform the public that vegetables are tasty. Our purpose is to restore the health of our communities. To empower you with the tools of nourishment so you can restore your health and the health of your loved ones.
If this sounds like a gathering that will help you to spring into action this season then this is the place for you.
ALL POTLUCKS ARE FREE - We do ask that you bring a dish upon entry to add to the potluck. We do ask that you please be mindful of the ingredients that you use in your meals. Absolutely no animal products, no GMO, no seedless anything, no hybrids, no… no… no… Every dish must be made with love and healing ingredients. If you are not savvy in the kitchen, you can bring an organic fruit drink, or a healthy snack to contribute. Lastly please keep in mind that we pack’em in - please make a dish that’s enough to feed 20+people.

​​Food For Thought Lecture - TBA @ 3pm - 6pm - $40 per person

                                                Don’t Let Your Diet Be the Cause of Your Declined Health.
                                                This is "NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH" so for all those looking to enhance your health by eating

                                                nutrients the way god intended, then this lecture is for you. Whether you are a meat eaters, vegetarians,

                                                vegans, plant based foodies... you will gain a wealth of knowledge about something that we need to do                                                    every day - "EAT FOOD"
                                                This lecture is set up to re-educate you on nourishing your body using foods, water, herbs, & supplements. I will spread light on simple ways to enhance your diet, and get you to understand why it is important to "cut the junk" in your diet.
Discussion: Nutrition 101 - Learn about carbs, fiber, fats, proteins, sugars, water - Learn when and what foods to eat (breakfast lunch and dinner) - Learn what supplements to take and how - Learn tips on shopping in markets and ways to save money

Raw/Vegan Food Demonstration/Class with Chef Wilfred RawVenture - TBA @ 2pm - $75 per person

What a way to end National Nutrition Month than with a Raw / Vegan Food Demonstration Class with Chef Wilfred RawVenture Campbell!
If you are looking to enhance, improve or begin you culinary nutritional food journey then this class is for you.

Learn to create nutritious and delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones. Get veggicated on the types of herbs,

produce and alkaline water that aids in your health.
$75 per person - Seats are very limited - Event Includes: handouts, recipes, meal demonstration, taste testing and take home dish.

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