October, 2015

After my assessment, I scheduled a supermarket tour so I can get my eating habits on track. We spent 3 hours in the store, MerySerket took her time with me, answered all my many questions as well as helped shoppers with their questions. Here I am two months later and I am eating much better, my daughter is even eating the healthy food that I buy. I still call Meryserket with questions and she's always patient with me and guides me every step of the way. Thank you sooo much for being the light at the beginning of my journey.                                                                                       D.L, NJ

All About Mer

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July, 2016 

My job leaves me with a lot of aches and pains daily and thanks to MerSage Therapies, im have gained back my mobility, lessened my back pains and im sleeping better. I travel with the Comfort Oil that she makes and when I cant get to MerSage, I use that and it allows me to recover until I cant get to her. 

Thank you so much for all that you do, you are truly a healer.

                                                                         WC, VA

April 3, 2014

As long as MerySerket is around I will continue to get my energy treatments,  massages, alkaline water and her Essence of Life oils.

You have a lifetime loyal client here. Thank you for being a good listener and giving me the tools to bring harmony into my life.

                                                                     J.P.E.A, NYC

Wellness Testimonies 

August 2017

​The "Taking Back Your Womb" class was excellent! Mery is very knowledgeable and you can definitely tell she does it from the heart!! I enjoyed bonding with other sisters and making our own teas and oils! I felt very empowered leaving this class and have started taking the steps she offered towards a better ME!! I will be attending more classes and am looking forward to our one on one!! Blessings to her and her family for the selfless work she does!!! It's needed in our community and around the world!!                                           S.B, VA

All About "The Wellness Mission" 

My goal for the wellness mission is to create healthier families through education & practice. I’ll provide a curriculum that gives people a better living environment using techniques provided by our ancestors, elders, educators and practitioners. Regardless of race, religion, background or sex our families are living in dis-ease and my plan is to be one of the many people helping to change that pattern; to releases the restrictions that prohibit people from evolving to their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

This is not only my passion it is my purpose in life.

Jan. 2016

I had an assessment done and I was really surprised at how in depth and on point her findings were. I never imagined that my chaotic life was messing with my health on so many different levels. Her report was very helpful in showing me how to make changes to correct and restore my health and my life.

                                         N.W, Virginia Beach, VA


> Sacred Goddess Rites of Passage

> African Holistic Health Institute

> Natural Healing Herbs Course
> Blue Moon Essential Oil Course

> Academy of Natural Health & Sciences

​> US Career Institute

> Jade Bloom Online University

> Sacred Scents Birthworkers Course

Self Mastery

We're dedicated to mastering the art of self-healing. You supply the vision, and your body will do the rest.

It All Starts With Self

MerySerket has been in the medical and dental fields for many years. Her career started as an assistant in a occupational nursing facility; to becoming a health aid, shortly after that she entered the field of dentistry. During those years her personal interest in health and wellness grew as she noticed the diminishing state of health within her community. Upon taking control of her own health by making simple changes in diet and lifestyle, her interest in natural healing progressed. She then decided to further her education in the holistic field, which sparked her passion to help others.  After the illnesses and deaths of people close to her; did the passion turn into her life mission.

She is now a Wholistic Health & Wellness Practitioner on a mission of re-educating the communities on various ways of healing self.  She is trained to consult on matters of Mind, Body & Spiritual Health, Nutrition and Herbal therapies and well versed in modalities like Therapeutic Massage, Essential Oil Therapy and Intuitive Energy Healing. MerySerket is also a distributor of "Young Living" Essential Oil, a supplier of Ionic (Alkaline) Water and has her very own "Essence of Life" product line.

MerySerket Anitefnut

> Certified Wholistic Consultant

> Certified Reiki / Energy Healer

> Licensed Massage Therapist

> Certified Aromatherapist

​> 100% Pure Essential Oil Distributor

> Prenatal Birth Worker Aromatherapist

​> Alkaline Water Supplier

​> Certified Medical Billing Specialist

Windows of  Wellnes​s

Where Healing Starts Within

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