Energy Work encourages relaxation and stress reduction in the body. It's a natural and safe method of spiritual self-healing. Semi-precious crystals and essential oils can be incorporated in the therapy to aid in calming or strengthening energies around you.

Food Shopping with a plan makes eating every day a lot easier. Meeting at your local market I will shed a whole new light on food shopping for you. You'll learn tips on reading food labels; understanding marketing ploys, better choices of food to eat and ways to save money. 


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A wholistic approach to health brings balance and harmony to your health, personal life, family relationships, community activities, spiritual practice and work environment. 

"Windows of Wellness", offers various resources dealing in wholistic health, to help you become assertive with your life decision. My services are recognized techniques that provide you with the highest standard of education and therapy to aid you on your healing journey. As an advocate for living naturally in wellness, I will work with you to find the best way to simplify your life, so you can start living the life you naturally deserve.

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Once you open your mind

to the possibility that you are deserving of greatness,

everything around you will change.

Sacred Womb Prenatal Massage gets the stress and tension out of the nooks and crannies of your blossoming body, that keep you feeling feeling run down and exhausted. Sacred Womb Aromatherapy is designed for pregnant women in their 1st, 2nd & 3rd trimesters, the birthing process, postpartum & while breast feeding to improve overall prenatal health and wellness.


Windows of Wellness & MerSage provides education and support to individuals who want to improve their health utilizing natural resources. I give advice and information on nutrition, energy work and body work to the best of my knowledge and abilities. All clients and customers voluntarily accept information, products and services rendered. Sessions corresponding to Nutrition, Energy balancing, Body work massage Specifically Dismiss prescriptions or diagnosis of any dis-ease. I do not claim to be a medical health care provider or nutritionist, we do not practice orthopedic, physical therapy, podiatry, chiropractic, psychotherapy, acupuncture, or any other profession or branch of medicine. For all clients or consumers protection, I ask that if you are under any medical treatment that you consult with your practitioner about any changes you are making to your health practices. Windows of Wellness & MerSage respects your privacy and does not under any condition release, sell or lend out your personal information.

Where Healing Starts Within

Windows of  Wellnes​s







If you don’t know which treatment you need, during the consultation we’ll go over your daily habits to determine the therapy best suited for your body’s condition.


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​Wholistic Health Is: